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Find The Best Transfer Agent For Your Public or Private Company

Here you can find a full list on transfer agents including rankings and more information transfer agent list.
Use our search functionality to look up the transfer agent for a specific issuer.  Under the issuer’s profile you can find a stock chart, news and more.
Discover useful tips for finding the best TA for your company.  Do you want to outsource?  Are you private?
Investors and issuers can view and post reviews about TAs that they’ve worked with regarding service quality, experience/knowledge, pricing, technology, and product quality.
We can help you locate brokers, market makers, securities attorneys, EDGAR filing agents, money raisers and crowdfunding best suited for you.
Our fee estimator experts will provide an estimate of fees for your company and then recommend suitable transfer agents based on your needs.

We’ve got you covered for your securities compliance needs.  Here are the companies we help.

You want your company to succeed, so do we… so having a compliance provider that you can rely on for consulting advice from time to time is necessary for the success of your company.  Our experts can guide you to qualified service providers and advise on a number of topics including stock exchanges, M&A, corporate actions, stock deposits and more.

OTC 30%
Privately-held entities 20%
Funds including mutual funds, REITs, VC 5%
Transfer agents in industry
Number of investor accounts
U.S. Stock Market Value
Helping you make the right choice

Find The Best Transfer Agent For Your Public or Private Company

Learn about the transfer agent role

We’d love to hear from you to discuss securities compliance, service provider searches, or to help you with your startup idea.

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